Vision and Mission 

Saint Joseph Parenting Center's vision is that all children live in a world free of abuse and neglect.


With that vision in mind, our mission is to strengthen families that are at risk of child abuse and neglect, by providing parenting education and support.

Our Approach

Established in 2010, SJPC is a nonsectarian community and resource center for parents. SJPC offers 28 different parenting classes and a fatherhood program, individual case management along with a food pantry, hot meals, and incentives for attendance.

Saint Joseph Parenting Center’s goal is to equip parents through education to change unhealthy parenting patterns and to foster healthy ones in an effort to decrease the incidence of child abuse and neglect. SJPC will provide these parents of children, from birth to age twelve, with the knowledge and tools to be more caring and productive people, parents and members of society. See program details.

Our Values

We LOVE people first.

All individuals deserve RESPECT.

Our COMMITMENT to our mission is focused on the child.

EMPOWERMENT is the key to our parents’ success.

Everyone needs a FAMILY.


We strive for EXCELLENCE.


Our Impact and Outcomes

SJPC is focused upon positive outcomes for families. In addition to giving knowledge tests on the over 35 topics taught by our volunteers, we focus upon five research based protective factors that are proven to be key factors in determining the success of family functioning, These five factors are:

  • Nurturing / Attachment

  • Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development

  • Parental Resilience / Family Functioning

  • Social / Emotional Support

  • Concrete Support

Since we began tracking these protective factors, we have seen SJPC clients improve these factors by close to 60% with regular attendance. Attendance is improved through our incentive program.

You can learn more our impact watching the short video below.


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