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Our Board of Directors

We have an important mission of helping to prevent child abuse. We teach parents new skills, so they can become effective parents, using positive communication and coping strategies.

To help implement our mission, we have assembled a strong team of board members, who represent diversity and bring their time and expertise, along with networking connections to the organization.

We are most grateful to them. 

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AW6I6917 Gigi Brady, BJ Gedney, Elaine Grant, Marion Green, Mary Rather, Alison Condlin, K

Our Board of Directors includes leaders in business, finance, real estate, medicine and social services.

Rhonda Neal


Executive Director

Coming Soon


Gerard Sweeney


Rain Carbon Inc.

Laurel Carey


St. Joseph & NY Medical Ctr.

Mark Bronzo

Nudge Capital

Barbara Hecht

Adjunct Professor, Iona College

Judith Kallen

Retired, DCF

Measi O'Rourke

Founder & Former Executive Director

Barbara Reilly

Former Board Chair

Alan Chapple

Rain Carbon Inc.

Cynthia L. Holmes

Synchrony Financial

Lucille Paolantonio Murray


Bob Petit

Meriwether Capital LLC

Anita Rice

Jim Green

Kate Jacullo

Jamie O'Rourke

Sperry Rail

Mary Rather

Former GW Hoffman Marketing

Carmen Seleme-McDermott

Fmr. Director of Programs