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Programas para Padres


Saint Joseph Parenting Center (SJPC) es exclusiva en el Condado de Farfield porque es la unica agencia de servicio social enfocada en la educacion para los padres. SJPC ofrece veintiocho clases (dos horas cada clase) y son dictadas dos veces por semana. Tenemos las inscripciones abiertas para cualquier persona en el momento que lo necesite.


La mision de SJPC es fortalecer a la familia por medio de la educacion para padres.

This is an open enrollment program for all parents, mothers and fathers. It offers 28 different parenting classes offered in both English and Spanish. Including both mothers and fathers in one class helps provide a needed perspective to each group assisting moms raising their sons and dads raising their daughters.


  • For Moms and Dads with children of ages 0-12 years old

  • Open Enrollment (join classes at any time of the year)

  • Initial assessment with a Case Manager (1-1.5 hrs) 

  • 28 (2 hour) parenting classes taught in English and in Spanish *

  • On-going case management 

  • Applicable for the Incentive Program (see below)

  • Case Managers will be in communication every 6 months for all active clients up until their youngest child is 12 years old

The following classes are offered to assist clients with parenting skills: 
  • Behavior & Discipline (Series of 9)

  • Bonding & Child Development

  • The Effect of Media on Children

  • An Overview of Learning Disabilities 

  • Self Esteem & Successful Parenting

  • Health & First Aid: Child 

  • Home & Child Safety 

  • Nutrition & Healthy Living

  • The Importance of Fathers

  • Understanding Sexual Abuse & Assault 

  • Understanding Substance Abuse 

  • Abuse and Violence in the Home: The Effect on Children

  • Anger Management (Series of 3)

  • Effective Communication (Series of 2)

  • Singe & Co-Parenting

  • Legal Issues 

  • Budget & Time Management

  • Children's Mental Health 

Corriente Horario General de Clases Para Padres

English Class  -  Monday, 10AM -12 Noon or  Wednesday, 6-8 PM

Spanish Class - Tuesday, 10AM -12 Noon or  Wednesday, 6-8 PM


Fatherhood Program

A unique and innovative fatherhood support group.

This is a 12 week program that meets once a week and assists fathers to hone in on their fathering skills as they learn about themselves and the role they have with their children.


The class topics include:

Family History

What It Means to Be a Man

Showing & Handling Feelings

Men's Health


The Father's Role


Children's Growth

Getting Involved

Working with Mom

Dads and Work

Individualized case management is offered to all dads in both English and Spanish. Needs are assessed at intake and referrals to employment programs, legal assistance, educational opportunities, counseling and housing assistance are made on an as needed basis. Basic needs such as food, clothing and personal care products for the family are either given as incentive gifts or are referred out to other providers. 


  • Exclusive to Dads with children of ALL ages 

  • 24/7 Dad AM Program (Developed by the National Fatherhood Initiative)

  • 12 (2 hour) classes taught in English *

  • Closed Sessions for up to 15 Dads

  • Option to take the GPP classes at the same time 

  • On-going case management 

  • Applicable for Incentive Program (see below)

  • Case Managers will be in communication every 6 months

 * Current DAD Class Schedule:

English Class  -  Wednesday, 6-8 PM

Spanish Class - Wednesday, 6-8 PM

Early Childhood and Parenting Program (ECPP)

In a partnership with Inspirica and Childcare Learning Centers we have launched the Early Childhood & Parenting Program.

This innovative program is set out to ensure that our youngest, most vulnerable children receive the foundation skills they need to develop in line with their peers who are not homeless, and to ensure that our parents learn essential parenting skills. 


  • Classes will be held at Inspirica's Franklin Street location in Stamford, CT

  • Classes are held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:30-7:30pm and Saturday 9am-12pm

  • Modified curriculum of 20 different parenting classes 


Sounds Good. What Else Do I Need To Know?

1. Entry Interview

Each client has an intake interview before being accepted into the program. This interview provides a detailed history of the client's background, including their strengths and needs and any involvement with social service or court agencies.

2. Individualized Program

Parents are given an individualized program that will include classes instructed in group settings. Each class is taught by volunteer instructors who are experts in their field.

3. Exit Interview
4. Follow Up

We feel that follow up is an important part of our program. We call all our active clients weekly to remind them of class. If a client has missed class for a few weeks we make sure to call and find out if they are ok and encourage them to come back to class. Once a client completes 20 classes or has been inactive for 3 months or more, we routinely call to check in on them, see if they have any needs and encourage them back to class if necessary. We find that these follow up calls are extremely important in continuing to build concrete support for our parents and to assess their needs in providing a healthy environment for their children.

Upon completion of 20 classes, the client will be given an exit interview. Information gathered will be sent to the appropriate social service and court agencies.



Father of an 8-year-old daughter

& 10-year-old son​

  We were very blessed for the help we have received from SJPC. It was just what we needed but never expected. They always seem to know the perfect time to give advice, engage in conversation, offer help, directions and instructions, and mentor us as well.

Roberto Martinez y Sayra Flores

Gracias a los integrantes de Saint Joseph Parenting Center. Sus talleres nos han ayudado a ser mejores Padres y Formar una mejor educacion en nuestro hijo de 5 anos.


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Our Reward to Parents. Incentives...

Research shows that incentives empower participants to work toward goals. Achieving a goal provides positive reinforcement to our parents and gives much needed encouragement that hard work reaps rewards. This feeling of accomplishment is a key contributing factor to the parents continuing their parenting education.


There are two categories of incentives at SJPC: Participation and Achievement.


Parents are given a warm meal during class and a bag of groceries to bring home to their children at the end of class. This participation incentive assures that no parent is unable to concentrate and learn due to hunger and they are able to provide a nutritious meal for their family when they arrive home.


Incentives for achieving a goal are always geared toward the child. Upon completion of 10 classes, parents may choose a small incentive for their child such: as books, an activity backpack, or diapers and wipes. Upon completion of 20 classes, parents may choose a larger incentive gift for their child such as: a car seat, stroller, youth bed, or desk. This shows parents that if they work hard, their children will benefit.


The incentive model employed at SJPC is extremely successful with our at risk population.


  • Hot meal during all classes

  • Free bag of groceries or personal care items offered after each class

  • Gift for child(ren) after completing 10 classes ($50 value)

  • Gift for child(ren) after completing 20 classes ($100 value)

  • Christmas gifts for all client's children (0-12 yrs)

  • Birthday gifts for clients children (0-12 yrs)​

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Contact :Carmen Seleme-McDermott

Coordinadora del Programa en Espanol 

(203) 588-1934

E-mail: cselememcdermott@sjpcenter.org


Yerwood Center

90 Fairfield Avenue

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