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General Parenting Program

The goal of the General Parenting Program is to provide parents with the space to learn and share parenting knowledge and skills in a group setting. The program consists of 28 different parenting topics ranging from healthy discipline strategies and encouraging your child’s self-esteem to managing your family’s nutrition and household budget.   

  • Available to mothers, fathers, and any caregiver interested in learning 

  • All our services are offered in English and Spanish 

  • An intake assessment is required before attending classes 

  • Classes are open enrollment – parents can join into the cycle at any time 

  • Ongoing case management includes counseling, advocacy, and connections to community resources 

  • Incentive gifts for children provided to parents when they attend 10 and 20 classes 

Class Schedule

  • Currently all classes are being held in person. 

  • Classes in English - Tuesday – 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

  • Classes in Spanish - Tuesday – 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM 


Topics Covered:

  • Active Parenting: What is Active Parenting? 

  • Active Parenting: Cooperation & Communication 

  • Active Parenting: Responsibility & Discipline 

  • Active Parenting: Building Courage & Self-Esteem 

  • Active Parenting: Understanding & Redirecting Misbehavior 

  • Active Parenting: Active Parenting for School Success 

  • First Five Years: You and Your Child 

  • First Five Years: Preventing Problems 

  • First Five Years: Encouraging Positive Behavior 

  • Bonding & Child Development 

  • The Effect of Media on Children 

  • An Overview of Learning Disabilities 

  • Health & First Aid: Child  

  • Home & Child Safety  

  • Nutrition & Healthy Living 

  • The Importance of Fathers 

  • Understanding Sexual Abuse 

  • Understanding Substance Abuse  

  • Abuse and Violence in the Home: The Effect on Children 

  • Budgeting & Time Management 

  • Children’s Mental Health 

  • Anger Management #1 

  • Anger Management #2 

  • Anger Management #3 

  • Effective Communication #1: Adult 

  • Effective Communication #2: Child 

  • Single & Co-Parenting 

  • Legal Issues 

How Do I Enroll?

If you would like to enroll in our programs in Stamford, CT  or find out more information, please call 203-588-1934
or email Lauren at, and we will connect you with a case manager. 

If you would like to enroll in our programs in Danbury, CT or find out more information, please call 203-273-5622 or email Crystal at, and we will connect you with a case manager.

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