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Our Parenting Programs

SJPC creates community in our classes as we show this informational resource support video before class begins.


At SJPC, I have found support and guidance to become a better father and a better person. Completing these classes have been a great achievement; I have learned new parenting techniques, and have learned from other clients as well.                                             


- Father, 24/7 Program

My true commitment is to their children. Each time something learned in one of my classes can change the way someone sees their role as a parent, is the main reason I stay involved in the SJPC mission. Kathy Calvin, former CEO of UN Foundation once said, “Giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference". I want to make a difference in the future lives of my students' children.  

Ximena Barrera

- Volunteer Facilitator

Teaching at SJPC has brought such joy and fun into my life.  As a professional,  to share my knowledge & help to answer questions that lead our parents to become more effective, and more present for their children. Right now we all need support. I'm so glad to be a part of the SJPC team.

Mary Pat Wachter Ph.D

-Clinical Psychologist