October's Client Profile

Meet Tim - a great example of how our programs help prepare this new dad for his "role of (and for) a lifetime." Tim is a single father of 6 week old son who voluntarily enrolled in the program to prepare for the arrival of his son. Tim has completed 10 GPP classes along with a new class offering at SJPC – Baby 101 Infant Care ( with a nurse volunteer facilitator) and Bonding and Child Development partnering with Family Centers. "After attending the infant care class, I now feel equipped and confident to take care of my son as an infant and toddler. With my education, I was aware of development for later in life but nothing for a little baby! I love it here you guys are so helpful and I’m so glad I found you. General strategies learned here can help in all aspects in life; workplace, romantic relationships, friendships even beyond parenting. When I’m with my son, I use everything you taught me.” Way to go Tim and congratulations on being a new Dad!


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