Brian H. - 24/7 Dad Client of the Month

Congratulations Brian H. on being our client of the month! Today we wanted to acknowledge one parent who’s graduated from our 24/7 Dad Program. Upon completion, he has exemplified what it means to be a 24/7 dad.

After completing the program, Brian has learned how to become a father, a better friend, and overall a better person. Additionally, he has developed a heightened awareness, and realizes the impact he has when he consistently meets his child’s needs.

Brian states, “being a 24/7 dad is exactly that, a parent who is always present. Whether at home, on the phone, or on zoom, we always need to be present for our children. This class has opened my eyes, helped me strive to become a better dad, and has instilled value; it has made me feel like something that goes beyond this group setting.”

The 24/7 dad classes have taught Brian the importance of being physically and emotionally present for his child.

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