Edwin A. – Spanish General Parenting Program Client of the Month

Today we wanted to acknowledge one of our newer parents, who has already demonstrated his commitment to what he is learning in the classroom to his everyday life within his family. Congratulations Edwin Orellana, Spanish General Parenting Program (Spanish GPP) attendee, on being our client of the month!

Edwin came to SJPC in early December after being referred by a friend and current SJPC client. Edwin sought out support and guidance as he and his family are going through some changes and challenges. As the father of 2 children, Edwin recognized that they would need social emotional support in order to get through the obstacles they are facing. Edwin also acknowledged how important co-parenting is and felt as though SJPC programs (such Spanish GPP and 24/7 Dads) would be a great way to learn the skills necessary to do so in a healthy and efficient way.

Edwin is always on time for class and is an active participant. He enjoys all the knowledge being provided by the different facilitators, as well as the ability to listen to other parents who are all going through similar situations. Edwin states, “I am feeling supported and no longer alone in my struggles.” Edwin looks forward to completing Spanish GPP and moving on to 24/7 Dads in order to obtain all the knowledge he can from what SJPC can offer him and his family.

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