Kyra H. – English 24/7 Dad Program Client of the Month

Today, we wanted to acknowledge one of our parents, Kyra, who has been with SJPC since April of 2020. Congratulations Kyra, English 24/7 Dad Program Client of the Month.

Kyra was referred to SJPC due to housing instability, which she and her daughter experienced. After several months of attending classes at SJPC and utilizing services offered, Kyra has recently found an apartment, which allows her and her daughter to be reunited.

While attending classes, Kyra has shown great insight; she asks questions, shares her stories, and gives advice to other clients. She is determined to provide a better environment for her daughter and applies all that she learns while at SJPC.

Kyra states, “My daughter and I have an amazing loving relationship that can now be rebuilt during this next chapter in my life.”

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