SJPC's goal is to equip parents with education to change unhealthy parenting patterns and to foster healthy ones in an effort to decrease the incidence of child abuse and neglect.


SJPC parenting classes provide parents of children, from birth to age twelve, with the knowledge and tools to be more caring and productive people, parents, and members of society. 

In additional to our classes, we  provide ongoing case management,  connections to community resources, and incentives. 


This is an open enrollment program for all parents, mothers, and fathers. It offers 28 different parenting classes offered in both English and Spanish. 

  • For Moms and Dads with children ages 0-12 years old

  • Open enrollment (join classes at any time of the year)

  • Initial assessment with a case manager (1-1.5 hrs) 

  • 28 (1.5 hours) parenting classes taught in English and in Spanish 

  • Ongoing case management *

  • Behavior & Discipline 

  • Bonding & Child Development

  • The Effect of Media on Children

  • An Overview of Learning Disabilities 

  • Self Esteem & Successful Parenting

  • Health & First Aid: Child 

  • Home & Child Safety 

  • Nutrition & Healthy Living

  • The Importance of Fathers

  • Understanding Sexual Abuse & Assault 

  • Understanding Substance Abuse 

  • Abuse and Violence in the Home: The Effect on Children

  • Anger Management 

  • Effective Communication 

  • Singe & Co-Parenting

  • Legal Issues 

  • Budget & Time Management

  • Children's Mental Health 

English Class  -  Monday, 10AM -11:30AM or  Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM

Spanish Class - Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM

Women's Circle

Our Women's Circle is a mother's support group.

In partnership with The Rowan Center, we now offer this group in English and Spanish!

  • A 12-week mother's Support Group

  • Thursday Morning Spanish Group

  • Friday Morning English Group


Men's Parenting  Program

A unique and innovative fatherhood support group.

The 24/7 Dad program - a 12 week program that meets once a week developed by the National Fatherhood Initiative .  

This program focuses on the important role dads play in their children's lives. 

  • Exclusive to Dads with children of ALL ages 

  • 12 (1.5 hours) classes taught in English and NOW in Spanish also

  • Closed Sessions for up to 15 Dads

  • Initial assessment with a case manager (1-1.5 hrs) 

  • Option to take the General Parenting  classes at the same time 


  • Family History

  • What It Means to Be a Man

  • Showing & Handling Feelings

  • Men's Health

  • Communication

  • The Father's Role

  • Discipline

  • Children's Growth

  • Getting Involved

  • Working with Mom

  • Dads & Work

Support Services 

Each client who comes to SJPC is unique - individualized case management is offered to all parents in English and Spanish. Needs are assessed at intake and referrals to employment programs, legal assistance, educational supports for children, counseling, and housing assistance are made on an as needed basis. Basic needs such as food, clothing, and personal care products for the family are either given as incentive gifts or are referred out to other providers. 


Our case workers stay in contact with our clients, even if they are not attending classes, to ensure that they feel a connection to SJPC and are receiving the help that their family needs. 

Our Reward to Parents. Incentives...

At SJPC we reward both participation and achievement.


We work to foster bonds with other parents,  members of the community, and SJPC staff and volunteers.   


Incentives are always geared toward the child. At the completion of 10 classes, parents may choose a small incentive for their child such as books, an activity backpack, or diapers and wipes. Upon completion of 20 classes, parents may choose a larger incentive gift such as a car seat, stroller, youth bed, or desk.  


Yes, I'd Like To Come For  Free Classes!

Great. Give us a call and talk to our program coordinators. They will be happy to tell you about upcoming classes. Our coordinators speak Spanish and English.  (203) 588-1934





While driving in Stamford, Angela saw a sign for the Saint Joseph Parenting Center. She researched and discovered that SJPC offers free parenting classes and support. Knowing they could not afford counseling and sensing they could both benefit from parenting classes, Angela encouraged John to enroll in the General Parenting Program (GPP) in the evening after work. To her great relief, John agreed.

Perhaps the best testimony that SJPC has benefitted Angela and her family is that she is now a parent-facilitator in the GPP program. Angela and John are very grateful for everything SJPC has done to help them build a strong and healthy family with a bright future.  Now Angela is able to pay it forward and help others in her community strengthen their families!





There are many reasons a person stays in an abusive relationship. Some fear the abuser will retaliate, others are ashamed of being “outed”.  Still others grew up in an abusive environment and never experienced a healthy relationship, so they don’t expect better.  Until reaching out for help, Laila did not realize she could break the cycle of abuse that characterized her upbringing and relationships.

She credits the Saint Joseph Parenting Center for providing her with the skills and community support she needed to become a loving parent. She is especially appreciative of the community sharing aspect at Saint Joseph Parenting Center, where parents learn from one and other. Importantly, she discovered that abuse is not normal and has learned to treat herself with respect and dignity.  She knows that her children deserve a loving home environment free of abuse, and works hard every day to make that possible.




It’s Tuesday morning and Myrian has just finished class at Saint Joseph Parenting Center. Her four-month-old son, Felix, came with her and is now sleeping peacefully in her arms. She gently lowers her infant into his car seat, careful not to wake him.  Then she smiles lovingly at Felix, grateful that he is a healthy baby boy. But things were not always easy for this young mother of three.

Myrian first learned about Saint Joseph Parenting Center two years ago, when Ariel and Ariellys were enrolled in The Children’s Learning Center, and a case worker from SJPC spoke to parents about the free programs offered at SJPC. She enrolled in the General Parenting Program and has been a regular participant ever since.

There are many reasons Myrian is a loyal SJPC program participant.  She finds the broad range of topics covered in class, such as child development, nutrition, and home safety, helpful in raising her three children.

Myrian is thankful for the knowledge she has gained and the support she has received from Saint Joseph Parenting Center. She will continue to attend the classes, as she believes the program is helping her become a caring and competent parent.



“Saint Joseph Parenting Center meets you where you are.”  “They treated me with dignity and respect.” “I never felt judged.”  These are just a few of the phrases Tynisha uses to describe her relationship with Saint Joseph Parenting Center (SJPC).

When she was sixteen, Tynisha found herself pregnant with her daughter, Riah. Two years later, a second daughter, Sisi, was born.  A child herself, Tynisha was ill equipped to manage the challenges of being a single mother to two toddlers.  She learned about SJPC though an associate and is grateful for the 10-year association she has had with our organization.

Tynisha believes that the General Parenting Program (GPP) has helped the Stamford community turn out better parents. Specifically, she values the interaction with other parents and how they learn from one another.    


Tynisha is also grateful for the meals provided during class breaks as well as the take-home groceries available after class.

For the past six years Tynisha has held a steady full-time job as a home health aide.  

Although she has completed the GPP curriculum, she returns to SJPC from time to time to repeat a class as she believes she learns something valuable each time. She is especially grateful that SJPC’s doors are “always open” and that SJPC helped her evolve from an insecure teen mother to a mature and competent mother of three.


Father of an 8-year-old daughter

& 10-year-old son​

  We were very blessed for the help we have received from SJPC. It was just what we needed but never expected. They always seem to know the perfect time to give advice, engage in conversation, offer help, directions and instructions, and mentor us as well.

Roberto Martinez y Sayra Flores

Gracias a los integrantes de Saint Joseph Parenting Center. Sus talleres nos han ayudado a ser mejores Padres y Formar una mejor educacion en nuestro hijo de 5 anos.


SJPC works closely with numerous organizations and the Department of Children and Families  in Fairfield County to serve parents and their children.  We are part of the Stamford Cradle to Career initiative and the Boys and Girls Club provides our childcare services.  Other fomal partnerships of note are : 

Center for Sexual Assault 

In a partnership with the Center for Sexual Assault. We offer a  Women's support group in English and Spanish.  This support group is held two - three time a year and are 12 week closed sessions. The focus is upon women's empowerment and serves as a complement to our General Parenting program and support services.  

Malta House 

We provide the parenting education classes for all the mothers at Malta House in Norwalk. Since we began that program, over 80 mothers have participated in these classes. Our partnership has helped them find housing and employment and nurture the bond between mother  and child.  Call us to find out more: 203-588-1934.

Connecticut Parent Advocacy  Center 

We have a CPAC representative on site to help parents of children with special needs navigate the education system for their family.  During our learning differences  classes, parents find they may have additional questions and the CPAC liaison is on site at SJPC to help. 


Yerwood Center

90 Fairfield Avenue

Stamford CT 06902

203- 588-1934

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